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JAZZPUNK - Part 3 - Thank You for Infiltrating

Today on Dumpster Gameplay, we infiltrate the Soviet consulate. Talk about tactical espionage!


Dark Souls II - Part 11 - Allergic to Leather

Today on Dumpster Gameplay, Masterless Glencour joins us again, and we find out his deepest darkest secret…

I’ve finally finished a script for a new video. Creativity is finally starting to flow again. Now, to find the time to record it…






Diablo III - Part 2 - Scared of Bats

Today on Dumpster Gameplay, I’m not scared of bats, who said I was scared of bats? Batman’s scared of bats, that’s why he is one.

(and the award for dumbest “Today on Dumpster Gameplay” blurb goes to…)

Thief (PS4)

I’m trying to like you. Really, I am. You look really good and your gameplay behaves itself, for the most part.

But then you throw a bug at me which prevents me from finishing a mission and it just kills it for me. Not only that, but for a game available on the next-gen systems… you sure have to load, a lot. Also, not gonna lie… you’re dull. I don’t feel invested in what’s going on.

I’ll give you another mission or two, but ultimately I think you’ve lost me.


JAZZPUNK - Part 2 - Pigeon Pot Pie

Today on Dumpster Gameplay, we continue to poke around this strange town to see what we can find!


Dark Souls II - Part 10 - WHERE ARE YOU GOING

Today on Dumpster Gameplay, our trek through Heide’s Tower of Flame continues. We summon the help of some person, who proceeds to run the wrong way and then die. Great. Thanks.


X-Men VS Street Fighter - Pre-Weekend Brawls

This week on Pre-Weekend Brawls, it’s the saltiest, sauciest episode of PWB ever! 

I just nostalgia’d everywhere.



Tomodachi Life

You know, I thought the next must-have 3DS game would be Super Smash Bros.

Boy, I sure was wrong!


Diablo III - Part 1 - The Three Amigos

Today on Dumpster Gameplay, we finally begin the series that was most-voted for during “One-Off Week”, it’s Diablo 3!

It’s up to the three of us defeat Diablo… this should go well.


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition [Part 2] - VS The World

today on Dumpster Gameplay, Strap in, cause we fightin the world….AGAIN!